M-ATV Low-poly (Mobile)

This is a low-poly model of the M-ATV vehicle I created for an in house app running on low-end tablets built in Unity over a year ago while working at Oshkosh Corporation. This isn't an average low-poly model. It sits at around 480k triangles, however this is the hero asset of the program and needed to be extremely detailed. The polycount of this model includes the interior of the vehicle and under-the-hood components.

I was only allowed to display Maya screenshots of the exterior of the vehicle.

This model is mostly diffuse only. However there is a specular map being used for the glass parts (windows and mirrors), a normal map being used on the tires, and an emissive map for the headlights. Two 2048x2048 diffuse textures. One 1024x1024 diffuse texture. One 1024x1024 specular map, one 512x512 normal map, and one 512x512 emissive map.

Special thanks to Caitlin Byham and Felicia Bartoli for assisting with modeling components.

Austin labarbera frontpersp
Austin labarbera wireframe


Austin labarbera topdown
Austin labarbera front
Austin labarbera frontpersp2